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Hay Feeding Systems — Less Waste And Constant Access To Livestock Feed

Hay provides fiber, protein, and other nutrients that livestock require. This staple dietary product may become one that you will rely upon using to feed your livestock on a daily basis. Investing in a large hay-feeding system will reduce hay waste and will ensure that all of your animals are supplied with a steady supply of hay. 

Large Feeding System Benefits

Hay waste can occur when hay becomes wet, dirty, or mangled. Tossing hay into a shallow feeding pit could ultimately lead to windy conditions causing hay pieces to blow away. A large feeding system is a self-contained unit that stabilizes hay bales or loose pieces of hay. A feeding system contains openings that allow animals to access the hay. A self-feeding system will contain a hopper or a rolling rack that is designed for loading hay into a feeding system.

Since many farmers may currently release their animals to pasture, in order to acquire the hay that is part of their livestock's diet, they may find this process time-consuming. The use of a feeding system offers more control with each feeding. A feeding system can be installed in a barn or alongside one. Some feeding systems are designed to be hung from a wall or a stall door.

Others are designed to be set up on a flat piece of land. The flexibility that a feeding system offers will allow an end user to choose an ideal location for a feeder. Once the feeding system is in place, there will be no need to corral animals. They can remain in the pen or another enclosure that they are accustomed to and will be provided with direct access to hay throughout each day and night.

Feeding System Designs

Large hay-feeding systems feature several designs that are suited for feeding small herds or large herds. A hanging feeder may contain a metal frame and a net bag. This type of feeder will contain a hopper opening that will be located along the top of the feeding system.

A manufacturer will specify how much hay a hanging model can hold. A livestock owner will need to manually place hay through the opening as needed. A feeding system that is designed to be set on the ground may contain a concrete or metal base, a rolling rack, and individual feeding units. This type of unit may be designed to hold several bales of hay.

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