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Will Buying A New Or Used Tractor Benefit You The Most?

Tractors are a major investment for farmers. The benefit of purchasing a new tractor may far outweigh buying a used tractor in some cases, in that farmers can take advantage of better warranties and newer technology. Before you buy a tractor for sale, consider pricing, tractor usage, and lifecycle.

How Are Tractors Sold?

Tractors are sold according to hours used, not mileage. With new tractor prices ranging from $10,000 to $400,000, you have to decide if the return on your investment is worth the initial outlay. Features like engine size, whether it has a backhoe, and brand can also factor into the pricing.

You also may want to investigate whether current farm subsidies help pay for newer agricultural machinery. Many farmers also decide to lease their tractors instead of buying them due to depreciation.

New and Used Tractor Lifecycle

Tractor lifecycle depends if it is new or used and how you, as the new owner, will use it. A new tractor with zero to few hours in the field has little or no maintenance history. An older tractor that has seen many farming seasons may have many pages of maintenance attached to its record. Hence, a new tractor's lifecycle will likely surpass that of one that is "seasoned."

The Benefits of a New Tractor

Cost reasons aside, here are some benefits of buying a new tractor over a used tractor:

As you can see, finances are not the only reason to decide whether to buy a new or used tractor. Field size and specific needs also play into the picture. Let's now check out the benefits of an older, used machine.

The Benefits of an Older Tractor

Keep This Advice in Mind as You Decide

There is an old adage that you get what you pay for and it holds true in most cases. You can benefit from a higher initial outlay for a new tractor as it will last you longer and need less maintenance. Used tractors are older and often have less technology that needs specialized maintenance. It depends on your farming needs and budget. A final piece of advice is to always buy the best that you can afford to maximize your return on investment.