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Use A Dewater Screw Press To Prepare Manure For Composting Or Gardening

Moist livestock manure contains high ammonia and salt levels and may not be suitable to use as a fertilizer. A dewater screw press is a machine that relies upon hydraulic technology. A press will remove the water content from fresh waste. A farmer can use the solid waste as a material that will improve the soil quality that plants grow in.

Perform The Dewatering Process

A cow or pig's diet will influence how watery their waste is. Wet, sloppy piles of solid waste can be difficult to clean up and can make farmland smell unpleasant. Pairing a shovel with a dewatering machine will allow a farmer to perform a straightforward water extraction method. First, a shovel will be needed to transfer the waste to a dewater machine's interior chamber. This chamber will contain a screw press.

As the machine's hydraulic motor is activated, the press will apply pressure to the manure. Water that is extracted will drip down into a pan or will be routed through a pipe that is contained within the press. After the process is complete, manure that contains a low water content will remain. 

Prepare The Manure

Manure can be placed directly across a plot where crops are growing, but there could still be the possibility of too many chemicals remaining in a batch of manure that has been dewatered. Upon completing the dewatering process, manure should dry entirely. This process can be completed by placing the dung out in the open and allowing the sun to shine on it.

Minimize the ammonia or salt that is in manure is by adding it to a compost bin. The solid waste will mix with the other materials that are in a compost bin. The pH level of the dung will be adjusted throughout the decomposition process. Composting reduces the likelihood of burning crops, due to the manure being less alkaline.

If you do decide to forego composting and place fresh manure in a garden plot, conduct the dewatering process, allow the manure to dry, and add the manure to a plot that has not been tilled. After placing the fresh manure across the plot's surface, use a cultivator to mix the manure into the soil that was originally in the plot. Blend the top layer of the soil with the layer of manure. Wait a couple of weeks to plant crops. Any leftover manure that you have access to can be bagged and saved for future fertilizing sessions.

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