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The Ultimate Buyers Guide To Tree Spades

When you want to plant trees, there are some tools that you are going to need. One of these tools is a simple spade. The spade is a special type of digging tool that is designed to cut through dirt to remove trees. They can come as tractor or skid steer attachments and trailers that are operated independently. The following tree spade buying guide will help you with the information you need before deciding on what tools you need to buy:

Types of Tree Spade Attachments

If you need a tree spade for a landscaping business, it might be a good idea to look for a skid steer attachment. Since skid steers are often used for commercial landscaping, special tree spade attachments are often the ideal solution to get jobs done. These attachments have to be specially designed to mount to the arms of the equipment and its hydraulic connections.

Another option to consider for a tree spade is a tractor attachment. These are ideal if you need a bigger tree spade for larger trees or if you need more options for the connections. In addition to hydraulically powered attachments, you can also get PTO equipment, which the tractor's PTO driveshaft can power.

Finally, there are trailer tree spades, which can be good for smaller trees, such as those planted in an orchard. Most trailer tree spades are going to be smaller and have a smaller depth, but they have the benefit of being self-powered with a small motor that is part of the trailer's design.

Depth of Tree Spades

You also want to consider the depth of the spade and how deep it is capable of digging. Consider the types of trees you are moving or planting and the average depth of the roots. This can be a guide for the depth you need for a tree spade. Generally, you want a tree spade that is capable of uprooting trees at a depth below the taproot, which is the main root beneath the root ball. This ensures you do not kill the tree by cutting vital roots when digging them up to replant them.

Metal Options for Tree Spades

Also, consider the type of metal and the thickness of the blades on the spade. In general, you want heavy-duty steel spades that have a protective coating. If you are dealing with larger trees, look for spades that have thicker metal for the blades and heavy-duty frames that hold them together. Also, consider the number of blades on the spade, which can vary depending on the type and size of the spade. Larger spades will have more blades that are capable of uprooting larger trees.

There are a lot of options when shopping for professional tree spades. Contact an equipment supplier to get the right tree spade and other tools you need for your projects.

For more information, contact an equipment supplier in your area, such as Holt Tree Spades LTD.