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Automatic Horse Waterer Equipment and Usage Tips

Adequate hydration is essential for your horses' well-being and performance. With the addition of automatic horse waterers, your livestock will be provided with fresh, clean water 24 hours per day. Purchase equipment that can be set up on your land or brought along with you while traveling with your horses.

Equipment Materials And Models

Portable and immobile waterers may be constructed of polypropylene or stainless steel. A waterer will typically include tubing and hardware that needs to be attached to a water supply. A water line or a hose can be connected to this type of model.

Some waterers are self-contained and include a tank. This type of waterer can be installed inside a horse trailer or a barn. A basic waterer may consist of the framework, a float, and a basin. Products that are classified as frost-free models will contain insulating materials as well. Some equipment may contain heating elements or thermal tape, which will keep water at a consistent temperature and prevent the internal parts of a waterer from freezing. Thermal tape can be wrapped around a waterer's base and its fittings. 

Usage And Cleaning Requirements

An automatic waterer will rely upon a float or a paddle assembly. The float will act as a sensor and indicate when the water line inside of a basin has gone down. This will trigger the float's valve to open in order to allow more water to be dispersed into the basin. A model that contains a paddle assembly will rely upon the pressure that a horse applies when accessing a waterer. The pressure will trigger the release of water from a tank.

Cleaning the basin and internal and external parts of a horse waterer will prevent bacterial growth. Visual inspections of watering equipment should be conducted daily. If water appears to be discolored or if any foreign materials are in a fresh water supply, emptying the basin and rinsing off the equipment needs to be performed.

Installation Tips

If watering equipment will be installed outdoors, care should be taken when choosing where to set up each waterer. Basins, fittings, and hoses should be used in a shaded area. This will prevent equipment from getting hot. The waterers that you purchase may each contain a base or anchoring materials. Sturdy waterers can be placed on the ground. Smaller units that contain hardware can be installed along a wall. If you purchase a waterer that contains dual basins, two horses will be able to access water at the same time. 

For more information about automatic horse waterers, contact a local company, such as EndureQuest Corporation, to learn more.