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5 Traits of an Effective Horse Fence

If you want to install a non-electric horse fence on your property, you will want to ensure that the fence you install has attributes that will keep your horse safe and secure.

Trait #1: Posts

First, the posts for the fence need to be driven into the ground. They should be driven deep into the ground. This will help increase the fence's strength and security and make it a lot more difficult for the fence to get knocked over. A deep post will also increase the longevity of the fence.

It is also important to space out the posts correctly. You are going to want the posts to be spaces the right number of feet apart based on the material used to construct the fence. The distance for a non-electrical fence between posts can be greater than it is for an electrical fence, where you need closer posts to ensure the electric lines are secure. 

Trait #2:  Smooth Surface

Second, it is essential to pay attention to the surface of the material used for the fence's rails. You want the interior of the rails to be smooth. You want the interior of the rails to lack staples, nails, and hardware. You don't want there to be any projections on the inside rail of the fence. You don't want the horse to get hurt if they rub up against the fence.

Trait #3: Rail Shapes

Third, it is essential to pay attention to the shapes of your rail as well. You don't want to use any railing that is either triangular or has any cross braces. Both triangular and cross braces present an opportunity for a horse's legs or feet to get trapped in the fence. Instead, you want to use rails with adequate space between them that would be difficult for a horse's leg to get trapped in.

Trait #4: Visible Top Rail

Fourth, you are going to want to make sure the top rail of the fence is visible. You want the top rail of the fence to be high enough to be within the visible sightline of your horse. That way, your horse will be able to see the fence and determine its location and height easily. This will keep your horse from running into the fence and injuring themselves and the fence. You need your fence to be highly visible to keep your horse safe.

If you consider these things, you will be able to build a strong and sturdy fence that will protect your horse and not harm your horse. For more information about the process, contact horse fence installation services.