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Benefits Of Large Animal Automatic Feeders

If you own a farm, you want to do everything you can to keep it in good shape, and taking care of your animals is probably high on your priority list, especially if you rely on animal productivity to earn a living. Caring for the animals can often become overwhelming and leave you with little free time.

One of the easiest ways to make the most of your farming efforts and to free up a little time is with large animal automatic feeders. Investing in automatic feeders essentially means you will be investing in convenience, time, and healthier livestock. If you are unsure if automatic feeders are the right decision for your farm, here are a few benefits to consider.


One of the most obvious benefits of using large animal automatic feeders is the convenience. Automatic feeders can be set to feed as many times throughout the day as needed, so you can make fewer trips to the stables.

It also means your livestock can eat several smaller meals throughout the course of a day instead of eating larger meals twice a day. If you run into situations that prevent you from being home, you won't need to worry about finding someone else to go feed your animals.

Healthier Animals

Ensuring your livestock is healthy is the key to operating a successful farm. Large animal automatic feeders help to ensure that your animals are eating properly, which helps to maintain their weight.

Some animals, such as horses, have a small digestive system so they can only handle small portions of food at a time, which means several feedings throughout the day. They have small stomachs, so they move food through their intestines quickly, so if they eat a large meal in one sitting, they can't properly digest the food, which can lead to colic or ulcers.

Automatic feeders allow you to provide structured feedings because the feeder controls the amount of food to be released and the frequency it is released.

Saves Money

Purchasing feed for livestock can get expensive. Animals frequently drop large amounts of their feed, especially when given large quantities at once, which causes waste.

Along with waste, when animals eat feed from the ground, they are also consuming dirt, which can cause abdominal discomfort and parasites that lead to colic. Using large animal automatic feeders will keep the food cleaner and off the ground, preventing wasted money for scattered feed, as well as the money you may otherwise spend on a veterinarian to treat animals that have gotten ill from contaminated feed.

Investing in automated feeders is one that will save you money, keep your livestock healthy, and save you time to focus on areas of your farm other than spending all of your time feeding the animals. Automated feeders are available in different sizes, styles, and types, so it is important that you purchase the feeder that is best suited for the specific type of livestock you intend to use the automated feeder for. For more information, contact a company such as