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Making Hay For Profit? Helpful Information For Starting A Custom Baling Business

When you live in an area with lots of cattle, horses, and other livestock, there is sure to be a need for quality livestock feed and forage. Since fiber intake from hay is a requirement for livestock nutrition, starting a business venture that cuts and bales hay for area livestock farmers can be a profitable plan. But producing properly seasoned, cut, and baled hay in large quantities requires skill and careful attention to detail. If you are considering a custom baling operation, here is some information to get you off to a great start. 

Start small

Starting any new business can take time and carry financial risk. To minimize the risk when starting a custom baling business, consider starting small by working with just a few farmers to cut and bale their hay. Doing this has several benefits for a new baling business, including the following: 

By starting small in this manner, operating costs can be more carefully controlled, reducing the potential for too much financial risk. 

Be flexible

While the majority of cattle producers have already converted to using large, round bales to feed their cattle, it is important to also be able to offer smaller bales, too. Horse owners, boarding stables, veterinary offices, and many other small acreage farmers still need smaller bales that can be hefted by hand to feed individual animals or a few head of smaller livestock, such as goats and sheep. 

To accommodate both types of farming operations, new custom baling businesses will want to have the equipment needed to cut, rake, bale, and move each type of hay bale needed in their area.

Work seasonally

Since baling hay will naturally be a seasonal business that takes place in early summer and again in early fall, custom baling businesses may also want to branch out and perform other seasonal work, too. For instance, hiring out to do brush hogging and custom land clearing, seeding, tilling, and maybe even threshing and picking can help you build a more profitable year-round business venture. 

Any custom baling business is only as good as the equipment it uses. To make sure that you supply your custom hay baling business with quality forage cutting and baling equipment, take time to discuss your situation with a reputable hay equipment dealer in your area. Look at websites such as for more information.